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James Hardy Memorial Cup for leek section winner (district classes)
Gary Wilkins

The Sun Trophy for best leeks in show (district classes)
Jonathan Mullins

The George Inns Memorial Trophy for best vegetable exhibit district classes)
Elsie Joyce

The Ken Johnson Memorial Trophy best floral exhibit (district classes)
Elsie Joyce

The Eric Dobson Cup best industrial exhibit (district classes)
Susan Rowley

The Walton/Charlton Memorial Cup best photographic exhibit (district classes)
Ellen Stoker

The Forum Books, The Acrostic Poem Challenge
Nuha Ahmed

The Graham-Hardy Memorial Cup for best exhibit in children’s section
Henry Horn

The Tom Joyce Trophy for best dressed onions (open classes)
Michael Gaughan

The Bill Hardy Memorial Trophy for best collection of vegetables (open classes)
Keith Ross

The John Hardy Challenge Cup for best onions shown as grown (open classes)
Lauren Proud

The Sir George Blackett Challenge Cup for best onions grown from sets (open classes)
Keith Ross

Small Holders‘ Championship Medal for beetroot (open classes)
Lauren Proud

The Laura Trail Trophy for best dahlia exhibit (open classes)
Alan Swinburne


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